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Methods of Sending an Alpha Numeric Page
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Methods of Sending an Alpha-Numeric Page

PC Software: There are many different brands of alpha entry software on the market. Most seem to work fine. However, we have had especially good results with the software produced by Inforad. We have been selling their products for over five years with very good results. We normally stock their Alpha Page software in DOS, Windows 3.1, and Windows 95/98 versions. Our prices range from $29.95 to $89.95. The sophistication of this product ranges from simple entry and transmission of your message to going out automatically to your normal email address and sending your email to your alpha-numeric pager.

Free Standing Alpha Entry Device: These devices range in size from that of a small telephone to about the size of a computer keyboard. All of these devices simply plug into a phone line and use either an internal battery or plug into a standard electrical outlet for power. Some of these devices can also pick up and transmit caller IDís to your pager when no one is available to answer a call at your office, home, or home office.

How to Get Email Paging:

  • Call us to request email paging for a particular pager.(There is no extra charge for this service.)

  • Choose an email address.

  • For example: your name is Thomas J. Jackson.

  • You might choose TJJackson@CMCPaging.com.

  • Then anyone with internet access can send you an alpha-numeric page by sending email to  TJJackson@CMCPaging.com


  • Your email page will include the subject line, the email address of the sender, and the body of the email message up to 80 characters in length in total.

Web Based Paging:

  • Log on to our web site at www.cmcpaging.com

  • Click on the button that says "Send An Alpha-Numeric Page".

  • Type in the last seven (7) digits of the pager number. (No area code)

  • Then type in your up to 80 character message.

  • Then click on Send.

  • You are now finished.

  • We will now transmit the message to the pager.

(Note: Some existing pagers may require a number change in order for the web based method to work. Call us for details.)

Live Operator (Alpha Dispatch) Service 

  • Alpha Dispatch allows someone with an Alpha-numeric Pager to receive typed out messages instead of just traditional number pages.

  • Anytime you wish to have someone be able to send you a word message, you simply give them your Toll Free Alpha Dispatch Number instead of your regular pager number.

  • An operator will answer the phone & then ask the caller to whom they wish to send a message and what the message is.

  • The operator will then type out the message, send it to the paging terminal, and then it will be broadcast to your pager.

  • For example, you then know not just to call home, but that your son has just made straight Aís on his latest report card or that maybe you need to pick up a loaf of bread on the way home for tonightís supper. 

    Paging just got smarter & simpler!


Our Service Plans for Alpha Dispatch

Package Name Messages Typed Per Month Cost Per Month

  • Introductory 25   $4.95

  • Basic 150   $10.95

  • Enhanced 300  $12.95

  • Unlimited Unlimited (really)  $17.95

Optional Enhanced Service Plans

Private Toll Free Number: This plan features a separate Toll Free Number for your use only. The operator will also answer in any way you like.

For Example: "Hello, this is the emergency dispatch service for Excel Plumbing. What is your message?"   $12.95

Email of each Alpha Message sent to your Email address after each page is dispatched to your pager. $8.95

Daily Email Summary of all Alpha Messages sent at the end of the day.  $6.95

Daily Fax Summary of All Alpha Messages sent at the end of the day.  $12.95

All Dispatch Plans require a $20.00 deposit & disconnect of of Alpha Dispatch

Service only at the end of the month with no prorated credit given for the month.


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